Revoie ensures successful delivery of the products from Turkey to the rest of the world. Due to the varied kinds of products and the extensive range of choices that Revoie offers, there are cases where some items run out quickly during the purchasing process. Therefore, Revoie support team will inform the customer before any shipment takes place.

Refunding might take from 1 hour up to 7 working days which depends on banking and regulation issues.

The team of Revoie will notify the buyer in case of a refunding action by sending an email, and inform the customer via phone calls, messages, and other means of communication.

Refunding cases happen when products are out of stuck during purchasing processes. Also, it happens when items are returned due to damages on them or in cases of incorrect items delivered where the original order is no longer in stock.

Items which are purchased and delivered accurately and safely cannot be returned or replaced.

Non-accurate items delivered must be shipped back within three business days of their arrival.

Returned items must be shipped to the same address shipped from or any new address provided to the customer by the logistics team of Cohomed.

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