5 Important tactics to Protect Your Skin

Many of us don’t have time for lengthy, complicated and super expensive skincare procedures. But it is the right of every individual to look beautiful and have a flawless skin. Here we have for you 5 basic steps to help you gain a healthy glowing skin. 

1- Protection from sun damage

Exposure to harmful sun rays is the main cause of developing early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and other skin damages. It is best to avoid excessive sun and wear protective clothing and in case of stepping outside dermatologists recommend to apply sun screen of minimum 30 SPF.

2- Unclog your pores

Makeup, dust and dirt accumulates in the skin and makes the pores clogged resulting in acne and dull skin. Remove the dirt and makeup every night before going to bed with a gentle cleanser and repeat the same procedure in the morning to the debris coming out of pores.  

3- Moisturization is the key

Skin moisturization works as a protective barrier against external irritations and makes skin healthy. It lessens the chances of skin damage, fights signs of aging and give skin a younger appearance. 

4- Healthy food

What you put inside will appear on the outside. It is said that our skin is the mirror to our health. No matter how many creams, serums and procedures you apply on the surface of your skin if your gut is not clean your skin won’t be healthy. It is important to take a balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

5- Stay hydrated

Water is no doubt the biggest blessing of Mother Nature. Along its role of a necessity it has numerous benefits for skin. Drinking plenty of water removes toxins from the body, maintains PH balance, reduces puffiness, signs of aging and makes skin youthful.

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